Smt. Shanti Devi Educational Institute

Village Laramada Post Office Bichpuri Agra 283101 Uttar Pradesh
Phone/ Mobile No.:- 7351336655

Infrastructure Facilities

Infrastructural and Instructional facilities

[I] Infrastructure facilities available for co-curricular activities and extra-curricular activities including games and sports.

The infrastructure facilities for co-curricular activities and extra-curricular activities including games and sports are provided by the institution.

Class Rooms
Spacious Lecture theatres are thoughtfully designed to induce high quality learning and are equipped with high end teaching aids. Priority is attached to achieve optimal convergence of stimulating pedagogy and enabling environment.
Audio Visual Aids

The latest audio-visual aids and multimedia technology enables the faculty members and student to have interactive sessions of teaching. Classroom learning is meant primarily for the oretical and conceptual input, and is consolidated by combining lectures with case methods, group learning and laboratories usages.

Craft Room and Work experience laboratory/workshop has been established on the lines of ‘learning by doing’ philosophy in teacher education. The lab is equipped with moulds of chalk making, candle making and essential material of interior decoration, paper cutting, card board modelling, pot decoration, preparing best out of waste and material for chart and model preparation.

Multipurpose Hall – The multipurpose hall with a seating capacity of 200 persons is there in the institution for provides a common platform to students, faculty and renowned educationists for regular interfaces, conferences, seminars and daily morning assembly. Many cultural events and seminars are organized in the multipurpose hall. The hall has been equipped with appropriate lightening system and communication tools like public addressing system.

Playground– Institute having lush green playgrounds for organizing games like badminton, volleyball, handball, cricket and football is available. A track for organizing athletics is provided. Sports kit and material facilities are provided to the Pupil teachers.

Other Facilities – CD player and CD’s of educational films are available in the educational technology lab. LCD is used for showing educational films.


[II] Library

The college has well stocked, modern library with vast collection of books, CD’s Encyclopaedia, Journals, Periodicals Magazines with reprographic facility. Book bank facility helps student in using books without buying them. There is an adequate space for self – reading. The books are issued to each student for 15 days. Each staff member can get 15 books for whole year. The library has aadvisory committee which meets four times during every session. The library stock and services are now being computerized on MIS for Library. The library has a photocopier, a functional internet terminal and 15 off-line learning CDs and 5 DVDs as digital resources. The library functions from 1100 hours to 1400 hours on all working days. The reading room can accommodate 100 students at a time.

Reference services and circulations are provided in the reading room where the students enhance their knowledge by reading books. Conducive environment for studies is created in the reading room. The Library also provides the Open access facility for the Faculties from outside and the teachers of practice schools..

[III] Resource Centre’s

The following laboratories are available with the institution:

1. Psychology Lab – The psychological tests suggested by the affiliating university like intelligence tests, creativity tests, sentence completion test, picture completion test, personality development test, concept achievement test, general classroom achievement test, mirror drawing apparatus, memory drum and card scoring tray are available in the lab.

2. Science and Mathematics Lab – The lab comprises of various charts, models, specimens, apparatus, equipments, chemicals and reagents related to Physical and Life Sciences, microscope, specimen of human skeleton etc., are also available. The lab also comprises of different types of charts, pictures related to mathematics, static and dynamic models, weighing and measuring instruments, geometry kit and collage, thermometer, bar magnet, pulleys, beads, balls, sticks, pebbles, match bones and stencils for geometrical figures.

3. Social studies Lab – In this lab charts, models, globe, pictures, scrap book, model lesson plans, time lines, maps, atlas, rain gauge, measuring instruments, wind wane, drawing material, slides and transparencies of different geographical and historical places are available.

4. Educational Technology cum Computer Lab – Computers on LAN, printer, overhead projector, slide projector, LCD, television, radio, tape recorder, CD Player, audio and video cassettes related to curriculum are available in this lab.

5. Workshop for Art and Craft / Work experience Lab – Moulds of chalk and candle making, equipments for gardening, tables, drawing material, charts, scale, brushes, colours and other stationary material are present in the lab. The provision for making best out of waste, rangoli and flower arrangement is also made available.

6. Resource Room – Various charts, models, CD’s, transparencies, sample of sessional work, model lesson plans and projects in various teaching subjects are displayed in this room.